Easter Stuff, Promo and a Bunny

Happy Easter! Promo has ended but ebook is still free with Kindle Unlimited.

Easter is an arts and crafts moment where your whole family and friends can get involved. – Alex Guarnaschelli

It’s Easter once again and this year is the first time that I have a child that goes to school. I can’t believe how time flies by so quickly. I can still remember when my now 4 year old only just started getting excited about Easter and the first time we made an Easter bonnet. You can watch it here:

Then last year, she started decorating her own Easter eggs (the stuff you get from the shops) pretty much on her own. You can watch that here too if you like:

And this year, she already has school Easter actvities. We made Easter bonnets in her school together which she wore in her school Easter parade and a fun Easter egg hunting with all her classmates.

At home, I also have a little something prepared for her. It’s not much but I still plan on hiding some chocolate eggs for her to find around the house plus a couple of non-chocolate surprises that I got from Poundland. I got her a cute treats bucket, Easter egg string lights that she can put in her room, Easter stamps and of course paints for her art.


So far, we have been crafty during Easter the past couple of years and this year will be no different and the next years I’m sure will be even craftier.

As for me, still working on my next children’s book and the timing is so interesting because the illustration I am working on currently involves a bunny!

And speaking of children’s books, if you’re out and about with the kids this Easter holiday, ebooks are quite handy. Count with Me at the Beach is free to download from Amazon worldwide this Easter Sunday only (1 April, 2018).


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