A Year After Review of Joie Brisk LX Travel System

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Quality does not have to break the bank. – Anonymous

A couple of months ago we bought a new car seat for our four year old because she is already getting too big for the one she was using.

It was not that difficult deciding what to get since a lot of the group 2/3 car seats now are very affordable. It was just really a matter of making sure that it is a good quality product that would ensure that car travel is comfortable and of course, compatible with our average sized car.

When we saw the Joie Trillo car seat, it was obvious that it was what we would buy (which we did). Not only did it meet all the specifications we were looking for, we also feel confident with the brand because of the pushchair that we have been using for over a year now.

When I was pregnant with our now 1 year old, I did a lot of research on travel systems because I wanted a lot of things but at the same time, I also did not want to spend overly much. That’s how I found Joie Brisk LX. For a detailed run through of the product, you can check out my videos below which I made a little over a year ago.

I actually did get a lot of response from these videos even after a year of posting so I thought I would go ahead and give an update about it.

So, am I still using this travel system one year after? Yes and no.

No, because the baby car seat is already too small so we had to upgrade it. However, I have no complaints about the Joie Juva Group 0+ Car Seat because it did the job. Baby was comfortable in it, very easy to carry because it was light that it did not add to the baby’s weight too much. It was so easy to attach and remove to/from the pushchair. Easy to fit and attach in our average sized car. Basically lasted us for as long as our baby fitted in it (which for us was up until baby was approximately 10-11 months if I remember correctly).

Yes. We are still using the Joie Brisk LX pushchair up to present. It might not be the smallest as the really expensive ones now that fit in a planes overhead cabin but, it fits fine in an average sized car’s boot together with grocery bags. It is light enough so that it’s easy to put in and out of the car. It’s very easy to push and quite smooth. Feels sturdy… probably the only thing that I wish is a bit more sturdy would be the extendable hood. It would move a bit when it’s really windy but other than that, it gives a lot shade for the baby. I also love the one hand folding mechanism found at the handle, makes it super easy to fold with one hand. I would say we are very satisfied with it and have no real complaints. I think it will definitely last us for quite some time for our needs.

The accessories that came with it are the raincover, footmuff and front bar. The raincover I think is great especially for the rainy and windy weather that we have here. It was able to cover the baby car seat too (enough to keep baby dry) when we were using it as a travel system. Easy to put on and quite durable as no tears yet. The footmuff is great too. Keeps the baby warm. It was not too hard to attach it to the pushchair although you do have to try to squeeze in the straps and all through the holes but once that’s done, it’s very easy to put baby in and out. The bar, is very useful especially now that baby likes to sit up, it makes the pushchair more secure and very easy to attach or remove. You can even fold the pushchair with it on as well as the footmuff.

And that is my one year after review of the Joie Brisk LX travel system. If you are an expectant mum trying to figure out what pram to buy, I hope this review helps.


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