Spring Is… (Hope for All Ages)

Spring is a symbol of hope. No matter how old or young you are; no matter how big or small your predicament is. Spring is that hope that tells you it’s all going to be fine.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland

It’s the rainbow and the sun shining
When the clouds have cleared and the storm has past.
It’s the leaves growing and the flowers blooming
After the bitter cold of winter finishes at last.

It’s the warmth and comfort of mummy’s bossom
When a babe is forced to leave a homely womb.
Or simply a fresh, clean and dry bottom
After a nappy has finally met it’s doom!

It’s the calm a cuddly hug can give
When a tot’s big emotion takes over.
Or simply a small sweet to receive
After eating broccoli at dinner.

It’s the joy of passing all your finals
When you didn’t know all the answers.
Or simply be finally out with your pals
After having to try on all your jumpers.

It’s suddenly finding a loyal friend
When you thought everyone was a foe.
Or simply relaxing during the weekend
After being nonstop on the go.

It’s the delight from a smile of your baby
When you’re drained and tired in the night.
Or simply having cake and a cup of tea
After cleaning and making all things right.

It’s hope and happiness glimmering
When things seem to be uncertain.
It’s the chance of a new beginning
After an old chapter closes its curtain.


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