Book Teaser 1: Bunny

The Unicorn In A Tutu (my next children’s book) characters – the bunny.

A bad hare day makes a not so happy bunny. – Anonymous

“Yes! I like this first verse of my rhyming short story. I think this is the right direction for my next book. A rhyming one is definitely better.

For the second verse I need a new character. A new character with a new small and simple predicament.

How do I decide what or who my new character is? What kind of predicament will my new character have? Do I decide on the character first then the predicament? Or will deciding on a predicament first help me come up with the right character?

Okay, don’t complicate it. Just do what you did with the first verse. Hmm, a happy character… no no… an angry one? Yes. An angry… frog. Nah. An angry mouse? Goat? Sheep? Tiger? Bear?

They are either too small or too big.

What did my little girl just say? Of course! Why did I not think of that. A bunny!

For the next verse, my new character is going to be an angry bunny. It’s perfect! And I know exactly just what the predicament is going to be about.”

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