Saving Up for a Holiday

It may be rainy these days but summer is coming.

Note: This is just an example of how I would think when preparing for something in advance. It is not the actual current situation.

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. – Dave Ramsey

Vacation holidays… It is going to cost more this year, no doubt. Now that there are two children, additional costs to flights, accomodation and travel insurance are expected along with the necessary travel documents needed… just to name a few. If we want a proper – long vacation, the only time it can be done would be during the summer when there is no school.  I’m a big fan of summer however, it also equals to peak season which equals to expensive.

Time to do a bit of research online for the said expenses.

Yeah ok. It is expensive. What now?

Check the budget file. Good thing I have a basic system for managing our finances and a basic budget file.

Do we have any extra amount after all the necessary expenses? Where are they? Mostly saved up hopefully.

Hmm, are we doing too much unnecessary spending?

Perhaps going to different shops for grocery multiple times a week is not necessary? Switching to home delivery would probably be more practical and efficient. It will be easier to avoid the temptation to buy something that is not needed. Less unhealthy food. Less running around. More savings. Healthier diet. Less tired. Just have to make sure to get the £1 delivery slot and use any available coupons of course.

Do I really need all those minutes, texts and data on my phone? Not really. Okay, downgrade the tariff.

Do we really need Amazon Prime/Now TV and Netflix? Hardly have the time to watch anything these days. Pick just one then.

I think these simple adjustments are good… for now. What else? Where can I get more income?

Aha! Spring cleaning can be a gold mine LOL… sort of. Sell anything that are still in good condition but we never use. Not only can we get some extra cash, we also get more space, less clutter making it easier to clean… and the result? A more relaxing home. Win win. Posting on Gumtree.

Good! I think this is a good start to saving up more money.

Now, we just need a gazillion more for that holiday. Time to work and actually earn!


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22 Replies to “Saving Up for a Holiday”

  1. We are planning a BIG trip next summer to Hawaii on a cruise. We will be cutting corners and stretching the budget to put money aside. #fortheloveofblog

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  2. We’ve decided against having a summer holiday this year, we’ve just eaten into our savings massively buying a new car. We did get a free week away over Easter though so can’t complain! Meal planning is a great way to save money 🙂 #LGRTStumble

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  3. … oops sorry. Hit send a bit quick there!

    … Online shopping saves us a fortune as you only order what you need, and if your basket is too expensive at checkout you can run down the list and remove bits. Not so easy when you have a frustrated queue behind you in store! #globalblogging x

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  4. Really excellent advice here and I will come back to this post when I’m setting up my own budget spreadsheet. I hold my hands up I am pretty rubbish with money and a change in our current situation means I need to get more of a handle on what we’re spending so this is a really helpful post. Thanks #familyfunlinky xx

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  5. REally great advice. Budgeting is always hard when you have to live life! We have an extra kid this year so that will be interesting regarding the cost. Think we will just have to camp in the uk!! Great idea on the spring clean and sell maybe I should try this! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  6. We regularly have a clear out making things easier to keep clean and tidy but also to keep money coming in. All our toys are second hand and we would usually sell for a similar price as what we paid making them practically free! Thanks for this! #ukmummyonabudget

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