Today, I am – Inspired

Welcome to my first post on this new ‘be positive’ series on my blog that I am calling “Today, I am – “. I will be posting on this series once a week and I hope that you will join me and enjoy it as well as benefit from it in any positive way possible.

I am inspired by being inspired. – This Scribbler Mum

As you can see from the title and image, the word that completes my “Today, I am – ” statement is “inspired.”

First, what is this about? The idea is to ‘feed’ myself with a positive word at the start of each day. It may be a positive feeling that I have at the time or a positive state of mind that I want to be in for that day.

When I woke up today (probably not the same day that this gets posted but anyway), I was greeted by a bright and sunny morning. This is a big deal for me because where I am, the weather has just been all gloomy and rainy as if something is trying to stop spring from showing up. I am a generally happy and optimistic person but when the weather is depressing for so long, it dampens my mood and energy a little bit. So with a beautiful ray of sunshine, I faced the day in high spirits, ready to take on the world (so to speak).

It is a great feeling to be in a positive mood. I am more productive. I think more clearly. I am happy. I am inspired. I like this frame of mind and I want it everyday.

But if I am going to rely on Mr. Sun showing up to have this good mood, I don’t see it happening everyday… unless I move to a tropical country.

And that’s when inspiration struck.

It is not a concept that I invented. It is something that people already do. And maybe I should start doing it too.

Tell myself one positive word a day. And then, try to stick to it throughout the day.

With all the stresses of daily life, add to that the rants you see on social media, negative news reports, the gloomy weather, and the list goes on and on… we get too many negative input than positive. They are like subliminal messages that take over our mindset, our mood, our day, our life. It’s time to counteract these too much negativity and bring the balance back. Starting with one positive word a day.

So, today, I am inspired. I’ll write it on a piece of paper and stick it on my fridge. Write it on my board. Set it as my phone’s wallpaper. Make it my mantra when I need to take a deep breath. Anything to help me keep my positive word in mind.

I am inspired to pull back the reins from driving into negative stimuli when it is under my control. (From not letting the house turn into a messy state to staying away from negative social media posts.)

I am inspired to give myself more good vibes. (From turning on the music to finding a new hobby.)

Today, I am inspired to start sharing some optimism through my writing… with one dose of positive word at a time.

What positive word are you today?


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59 Replies to “Today, I am – Inspired”

  1. This is such an amazing series! It’s very much needed and you worded it so perfectly. Today I am… excited. So much has been happening around me and I am just ready to take on all that is new. Keep it up!

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  2. Today I am: efficient! Or at least I’m very much setting out to be, and doing okay so far, by my own standards. Hopefully I’ll feel at the end of the day that I’ve indeed managed to check a good few things off my (ever growing, it seems…) list! x #LGRTstumble (and I’m stumbling this now)

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  3. I love the thought of this. I find it much easier to be positive if I have something to focus on , a word seems a great idea #globalblogging

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  4. This is a fabulous idea. It definitely isn’t a good idea to rely on the sun here but a word a day seems really achievable. I’m naturally a negative Nancy so I made positivity my word for the year…. It is working well so far. Good luck staying positive and thank you for joining #BigPinkLink

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  5. This is such an amazing idea. I know myself that when I think positive thoughts and have some kind of mantra at hand I always have a better day. The same things may have happened as the previous day but my experience of them, and therefore my happiness levels, is totally different because of my state of mind. I really want to get back to journaling again and may have to use this as a daily practice.
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

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  6. I love this idea and I think that everyone should do this. It’s all too easy to think and dwell on the negatives when actually there is so much positivity around us. We just need to find it! Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  7. I love this! Today I feel empowered because I am making small changes to my blogging life which is hopefully going to free up more time to crack on with the things that really matter. Thanks so much for linking up to #coomumclub 100th with this x

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  8. I love this idea for a series! ❤ Inspired is one of my CDFs (core desired feelings from the book The Desire Map… basically you figure out how do you want to feel and then base your goals on them!). I love feeling inspired – it lights me up and gives me so much get up and go! xx #TheMMLinky

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  9. Funnily enough, today I am inspired and in a big way by the story of a teenage woman who has taken on surfing when previously scared of the sea. It gave me hope for the future when young people will take on challenges, it will be inspirational for me to share with my home-educated children and it is good to see how her journey is linked to helping the environment too. All very good and has made me smile today. I love your idea of one positive word and am intrigued as to what that word will be tomorrow #BestBootForward

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  10. I notice such a difference in my mood when I practice this small daily ritual – journalling 3 things I’m grateful for, 2 things that went well and 1 thing I’d like to do better tomorrow. It reminds me that if I have a bad day there’s always a new day to start over and that really it’s all just a matter of perspective .

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