My Childhood Favourite Movies

It’s the weekend and just like for most, it is the time for us to relax together as a family. And just like most, it is when we all snuggle up in the settee or in bed watching a movie together.

“Watching movies, just like reading books, is a great way to experience extraordinary adventures.” – This Scribbler Mum

Mostly we just choose from what is available on Netflix or whatever streaming platform we have on. A lot of the time of course, our four year old gets to pick her favourites like Moana, Frozen, Alvin And The Chipmunks 1-4, Home Alone / Home Alone 2… well you get the idea.

I don’t really mind because I myself like those movies anyway… even though I have already seen them about a hundred times. Then I realized, I was the same when I was a kid. In fact, I actually memorized (and still remember most of it too) an entire movie because I have watched it sooo many times.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Idea! (Okay, I know, I sound like the chipmunks.)

I should find my favourite movies from my childhood and see if my children will like them too (even if they might look old-ish compared to the movies now).


I mentioned that I memorized a movie. And I mean, I could say the dialogue at the same time as the characters in the movie uttered them from beginning to end. This was that movie. Basically, this movie is about a girl who goes into this labyrinth or maze to find her little brother who was taken by the king of the Goblin city. She needs to find him before the time runs out otherwise, he will also turn into a goblin. She meets other interesting characters along the way, some are friends and some, not so much. The music is definitely one of my favourites too (and yes, I memorized those too). Everything about this movie is a great adventure, a big puzzle to solve. The different scenes are really eye catching and well detailed that it makes you feel like you are there in the labyrinth too.

The NeverEnding Story

I think my favourite part of this movie was the bit where the main character Bastian started reading the book. It was rainy – stormy even, and he was in an attic and he had a blanket on the floor where he got all comfy to read. As he read, he was also eating an apple. I don’t know what it is about it but every time I watched it, I wanted to do the same. Anyway, the movie is about what is happening in the book where the place Fantasia is falling apart as it is being taken over by The Nothing and so it needs to be saved… with the help of Bastian. Oh and of course, how can I forget to mention my favourite character from Fantasia – Falkor.

The Goonies

Who does not like treasure maps, pirates and treasures? Well, I am not really a fan of pirates but this movie is about a group of kids who found an old treasure map. In the hopes of finding real treasure to help their families save their homes, they set off in an adventure following the map. As they go on their quest, apart from different obstacles and booby traps set up by the pirate that hid the treasure, they also encountered a group of criminals who started running after them AND the treasure. It is definitely an exciting and funny movie.

The Witches

If I really think about it, this movie sort of scared me a bit when I was a kid. Imagine that there are witches about giving a bar of chocolates to kids to turn them into mice – yikes! I can even remember being grossed out when Luke saw the witches take off their masks to show their true ugly looking appearances in a witches’ convention. My favourite part though was when Luke (who was turned into a mouse – a scary bit too by the way) and his grandmother were already back home. Being a small mouse, he was able to use his toys as his own big playground and even gets to sleep in a toy house!


Be careful what you wish for because the Zoltar machine might just grant your wish. This is what happened to the main character Josh who wished he was big. From being twelve years old, he turned into a thirty year old man overnight. It is a very scary thing to be a boy trapped in an adult man’s body but oh boy, did he have so much fun too. My favourite was when he played Heart and Soul and Chopsticks on a massive foot operated keyboard. I even tried learning to play them myself on the piano – using just my hands, not my feet.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Another kind of fun adventure I enjoyed watching when I was a kid. Obviously, in no way did I ever wanted to be shrunken to the size of a bug. However, seeing the adventures that took place when the four kids got accidentally shrunken by a scientist father’s new invention was very exciting. Imagine seeing everything around you being the size of a giant – and you could be easily squashed like a bug. The backyard with its grassy lawn becomes a massive jungle. Oh and my favourite bit – when they found a cookie that must have been dropped on the ground, now a massive giant cookie compared to them and they can eat as much as they want. Apart from that, there is just something about how the homes of the kids made me feel so comfy and homely whenever I watched it.

I don’t really know how old those of you reading this are, if you grew up with these movies too or if you can relate. But I do would love to know what your childhood favourite movies were. 🙂


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42 Replies to “My Childhood Favourite Movies”

    1. Read your post about being carefree. Sorry I couldn’t leave a comment as I don’t have Disqus. But I am not that carefree either ever since I became a mum I’m all about worrying. LOL However I do practice not getting to stressed out or angry about every single thing.


  1. Hey! Even though I’m not much of a movie fan, this was a fun read. I’m afraid I haven’t seen any of these movies, but the plot of Labyrinth reminded me of Christina Rosetti’s poem “The Goblin Market”.

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  2. I agree completely I love all of these films but my favourite one has got to be labyrinth. David Bowie was good. I watched it a few weeks ago actually. These films always stick with you as you grow up!! And I just don’t think they make them like they used to ha ha!

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  3. I love BIG but I introduced that to the kid too early and he cried when we went to the arcade at the beach because he thought the machines would all be like Zoltar. I might try it again now he’s a bit older. #blogstravaganza

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  4. Yes I he’s to love honey I shrunk the kids too! And witches for that matter. I must say I found Labyrinth a bit strange but I think I was too young for it. I also used to love watching Grease! Ha. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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  5. I loved all of these. Except Labryinth which I only watched the very start of as my friends hands were in it rolling around the crystal ball! I have recently showed my kids Annie and Mary Poppins and despite much moaning about having to watch these old films they loved them. Next on my list to show them is Swallows and Amazons and the Railway Children (have to be the old versions though not the newer remakes) #lgrtstumble

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  6. That’s practically my list too!! Labyrinth was a massive favourite. I don’t remember all the words, but definitely the songs. My poor mum must have watched this a hundred times with me. Bet she knows the words too haha! Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

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