I have written this poem over two years ago and shared it on an old blog. I thought I’d share it again for all parents like me who often deal with tantrums. 😊

“I have to remember that tantrums are as upsetting to my child as it is to me.” – This Scribbler Mum

At times I don’t know what it is
And I don’t know what I want
Fact of the matter is
How I feel, I do not want.

At smallest things I get upset
When certain things have not been met.
Most times my pride gets in the way
And makes things worse to my dismay.

Sometimes I do know what it is
And I do know what I want
Fact of the matter is
How I feel shows what I want.

I say yes but you say no
How to deal, I do not know
I’ve no patience but you have so,
Until I’ve calmed, don’t let me go.

Soon I’ll have control over this
And tell what’s right from what I want
The fact of the matter is
These tantrums I do not want.


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27 Replies to “Tantrums”

  1. Toddler tantrums don’t you just love them! I learned how to handle them best when I was working as a registered child minder, and wish that I had had this knowledge when my own children were going through the stage #globalblogging@_karencennis

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  2. Oh this is so true! I am always trying to remind myself that they’re having a hard time too. Remembering to stay calm and be patient, helping them figure out whatever they are wrestling with, and remember that it will end are always running through my mind.

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  3. What a fun way to put something down ^^ I love poems and you did a great job 😀

    I myself dont have kids yet ^^ But what I have heard from my friends its very relateble ^^

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  4. #hesatsesh little dude never did the tantrum thing, but I’m always supportive in shops when i see other peoples kids tantrum it must be soon frustrating – beautifully written as always lovely.

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  5. This is so true and a world I am in right now so thank you for sharing it with us at Family Fun. So many big feelings for these little guys! X

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  6. Awh this make me feel sad for toddlers. It must be a tricky time although it’s hard to remember that when you have twin toddlers having twin tantrums 😉 Thansks for linking with the #DreamTeam this week

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  7. I’ve got this all to come but despite the many frustrations you must feel, it is important to remember that they literally have not developed the ability to process emotion at that age so it really isn’t their fault.

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  8. Ah tantrums, a part and parcel of the Terrible Twos and Threenager stages. How I used to hate them, but I learned to effectively deal with them by understanding and empathising with my little one rather than shouting at him (during the tantrum). It took time, but it worked.
    Here’s a humorous (but true) take on tantrums I penned https://talesfrommamaville.com/the-seven-deadly-stages-of-a-tantrum/
    Thanks for joining us at #itsok

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