Today, I am – Simple

This is the fifth post on my Today, I am – positivity series. If you are new to this series, you can find my previous post here. Or, you can start at the beginning here.

“Simplicity leads to stress free.” – This Scribbler Mum

My brain complicates things sometimes and thus, causes me unnecessary stress.


No, this is not a post explaining what GDPR is, nor is this a post explaining how to be compliant to it as a blogger.

I will say however that in the past few days, it’s been eating at my positive energy. Why? Well because it’s something new that I don’t fully understand yet. It looks complicated. It affects me as a blogger. Trying to figure out how to make sure that my blog complies to it is overwhelming.

I was overwhelmed.

That’s not a very positive word (in this particular situation).

When you’re overwhelmed, oftentimes you get stressed out. Things feel like they’re just piling up all around you. You feel stuck because you don’t know where to begin. You want to concentrate but it’s too hard. You’re in a rush but you’re wasting time being confused… It’s a domino effect of all sorts of negativity.

I had to stop this kind of momentum.

When something is overwhelming, it’s because something seems complicated. However, when one end of the spectrum is complicated, the other end is simple.

To escape being overwhelmed I need to simplify.

So, how did I simplify dealing with this whole GDPR for my blog.

First, I breathed in and breathed out.

Next, I paid attention to common sense. I am not a big blogger. My blog is a simple personal blog. It is not a source of income yet. I don’t know if it will be but for now, it’s not.

Then, I made a list. I broke the big tasks into small pieces. I tackled each piece of task one at a time. For example, I dealt with the small details first like adding notices on my blog before I dealt with writing the privacy policy. When writing the privacy policy, I focused on one section at a time. Basically, I didn’t stare at the entire pile of work and I avoided trying to fix them all at the same time in one go.

I was organised. A little bit of organization helps you fix things better. I consolidated the information from multiple references that I was looking at so that it’s organized and not all over the place. When you consolidate information, it becomes simpler and makes it easier to identify where things go. When you know where things go, dealing with tasks is simpler.

I cleaned up. If there’s anything unnecessary or you can live without, let it go. My blog is more of a hobby at this point so I did this. As I am not completely sure about the whole registering with ICO if you have affiliate links, I have decided to remove affiliate links from my posts for now (I’m not really earning anything from those yet anyway). I’ll deal with it later when I am more informed on the matter. This decision takes off a lot of the unnecessary complications that my head is coming up with. The less you have, the simpler it gets.

GDPR is also about simplicity so I kept this in mind. Whenever my brain wanted to go into complicated land while I was writing the privacy policy, I reminded myself to keep it simple.

And now, my once overwhelming task is complete. All thanks to keeping it simple.


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24 Replies to “Today, I am – Simple”

  1. Ahhhh GDRP! It is fast approaching and I have registered my cv writing business and done the policies for that, but my blog I am in a spin about. Your post has reminded me I must stop stressing and start doing! #satsesh

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  2. Alot of the writing about GDPR has made it so complicated but you’re right, if you break it down into small tasks and do one at a time it’s not so bad. (Still grim though!)

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  3. I am so glad that GDPR is done and dusted, and it was actually simpler than I thought. I think that lots of people made it so much more complicated than it actually was. I love this series of yours. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  4. I think you approached this with the logic it needed. Simple is always best. If it helps my husband works for a huge multinational company and over the last couple of months they have had multiple seminars about GDPR and apparently each one said something different. We stand no chance of fully understanding 😉 Keep it simple, keep it positive.
    Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

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  5. Trying to simplify things can make such a difference. I also find that breaking down a task that seems complicated into smaller, more manageable chunks helps to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and make things seem much easier. #familyfunlinky

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  6. Such a great idea to break things down Into small chunks like this. Makes the whole thing more simple. I hate being overwhelmed! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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