Today, I am – Confident

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“Be humble yet confident. Be confident but not conceited.” – This Scribbler Mum

Me: I’m here to drop off this package for ABCDE. It’s my books, he’s purchasing them and told me to leave them here.

Librarian: (Turns around to the man in charge.) Ah, do you know about this?

Man-in-charge: Oh yes, he mentioned about books for some of the libraries. (Looks at me.) Are you an author?

Me: Yes, well, self-published. (Answered with a smile but totally cringes deep down for not used to being called an author.)

I have to admit though, it is a great feeling. It definitely gives my confidence a boost whenever someone refers to me as an author.

I like being confident. I’m not talking about overly confident or conceited. Just being self assured or certain of myself.

When I feel confident, I feel more positive and vice versa. When I am confident, I can achieve more because I won’t spend too much time second guessing myself. I am more willing to try things and move on because I know what I can do and where my limits are. I am more open to possibilities and opportunities or even make them for myself.

Like when I decided to make my own children’s books, I knew that I could write and draw well enough. I also knew that I have the patience and perseverance to start and finish it. I knew that traditional publishing will not happen for me anytime soon so I decided to give self-publishing a go.

There are a lot of things that I am confident about and also a lot of things that I need to build more confidence on. One of the things I learned as I got older is that not only should I be confident about my strengths but I should also be confident enough to admit and know my own weaknesses. This way, I can be prepared to face these weaknesses with confidence.

For instance, when that exchange happened in the library, I was confident about my books and what I was doing there. However, I am quite shy and get flustered when people put me on the spotlight, so to speak. But since I’ve known this about myself, I have trained myself to always give an answer with a smile in such situations. It works like a mask so that people will not notice my lack of confidence. Being prepared helps me get through my weaknesses without dampening my confidence, if that makes sense.

On days when my confidence is high, I try to be productive as much as I can and I try to work on things that leave my confidence to lack or at least work out a way on how to deal with them gracefully.

When I am having days where my confidence is running low, I take it easy and take deep breaths. I take on work or projects using skills that I’m good at. I read or watch inspiring books or shows. I also try talking to myself in the mirror saying, ‘I am confident.’


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12 Replies to “Today, I am – Confident”

  1. I listened to a podcast the other day where someone was saying that self-published authors should call themselves “independently published.” After all, you have done all the components and the marketing – it’s not like you just wrote a book and that was it! Enjoy the buzz, and congrats – you have earned that confidence! 😊

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  2. As someone who went independently published (for a bit of fun), then got signed by a publisher, then went back to independently publishing, I totally relate to this. For me, the turning point came when I was signed to a boutique publisher in the US. The indie author scene is huge and there’s a massive community of us online, although I mostly just write on my blog now. Writing novels has gone out the window since my son. I have one at the moment which is still only half way through it’s first draft and been like that for over a year. This has given me a reminder that I’m still a writer, just a different type now. Thanks for sharing. #BloggerClubUK.

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  3. Congratulations on going for it with the self publishing that is great. Confidence is such a hard thing to battle, I’m shy and fake confident a lot. It’s so hard but I make myself do it. The only way to make things happen. ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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