Today, I am – Patient

Welcome to my eighth positivity post. If you are new to this series, you can read the previous post here or jump back to the very first one here.

 “To be patient is to endure with composure.” – This Scribbler Mum


This is one of most important things that I have learned growing up into an adult and then becoming a mum. Without it, I would probably be completely stressed out all the time. Everything that I find difficult would probably be nothing but a failure. Anything that I want to achieve would always be hopeless. Anything that I’ve done, would not have been my best work.

Not every day is created equal. Some days, patience comes easy. Those are the days when everything you have on your plate are well balanced and evenly distributed. Those are generally the good days. Some days, your patience gets tested. Those are the days when for one reason or another, things suddenly converge and form a bottleneck. Those days are the days that can potentially turn out to be – well, not so good.

Sometimes on top of the usual day to day life, I may not be feeling so great. Then, certain plans may not pan out and I get disappointed. Things may get delayed and I get frustrated. I may second guess myself and I end up uninspired and defeated.

These could be small issues and not life changing. But when they go on top of another and then another and then another… that bottleneck can make you feel stuck like nothing is working out. That’s when stress comes in and potentially result in a bad day.


As I got older, I have learned that when things like these happen, it’s best to be patient. Unless it’s a matter that can absolutely not wait, I choose to have patience.

Patience to let myself slow down if I’m not feeling that great. Patience for the right plan to come around and work out than dwell on disappointment. Patience for things to get done at their own pace and avoid frustration. Patience to make up my mind because good things are not rushed.

Patience takes the weight off your shoulders. It helps you take a moment and enjoy life better. Sometimes it may even keep you out of trouble.

Living in a fast-paced world is stressful. If there is no need to run, slow down. Good things come to those who wait. Just be patient.


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13 Replies to “Today, I am – Patient”

  1. The older I get, the more I am thankful for being (on the whole) a patient person. So much in life seems to appear at the click of a button, but the really important things don’t, which is where patience comes in handy. Thank you for sharing with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

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