bakerdays Letterbox Cake

Father’s day arrived early at our home thanks to bakerdays!

“Special occasions are my best excuses to eat cake!” – This Scribbler Mum

I absolutely love cakes and I love baking them. So when bakerdays said that they were going to send over a free letterbox cake for a review, I was like – oh, yes please!

If you’re not familiar with bakerdays, they offer personalised cakes, cupcakes and balloons for all occasions. You can order and get your cake posted to “almost anyone, anywhere, anytime” (quoting from their website). I think this is a fantastic idea because, who knew that you can actually get a personalised cake delivered?

They said they were going to send over a cake that would fit in the letterbox so I got really curious about how this was going to work. I immediately went on the bakerdays website to choose a cake for an upcoming special occasion that is, Father’s day.

With the help of my daughter, we looked through all of their beautiful Father’s day cake designs and chose the no. 1 ted dad cake. You can also choose the recipe of the cake from traditional sponge, dairy free, lovely lemon drizzle, gluten wheat free, fabulous fruit and of course, our chosen recipe, rich chocolate chip. We were getting the letterbox size which is 5 inches but you can also order a small (7 inches), medium (9 inches) or large (12 inches). One of the things I like about the website is that if you need a detailed information on the ingredients for each recipe or the size, this is readily available for you on the page where you select your order. We did not personalise the message on the cake but for the design that we chose, it is possible to do so.


The cake arrived on the week that they said it would arrive and it actually did fit well in the post box! It almost didn’t get to us because the address was wrong (but that probably only happened because my order, being a free sample, was done via email rather than the website) but anyway, it was fortunately still delivered to us.

It was packaged in a box and when we opened the box, there was a tin with the cake inside. Love the tin by the way!


Upon opening the tin, the cake was sitting nicely inside. The cake board was stuck in the middle of the tin which kept it in place. There was a small strip of paper with instructions on how to take the cake out of the tin which was quite helpful.


Although, the instructions did mention a bag but for some reason, we did not find our cake in a bag. Once we opened the tin, the cake was there unwrapped except for a round piece of paper on top of it. This was probably the reason why our cake looked like it slid a little bit on the cake board. However, the cake was still in one piece and the design still intact and looked good.


Now for the taste. As it was for Father’s day, my hubby had the first slice and he thought that it tasted good. Of course, we all had a wee taste too and we agreed. The sponge itself was not too wet or too dry nor was it too soft or too hard. It had a nice chocolate flavour to it. The fondant icing was not too thick so it’s sweetness was not too overpowering and was just right.


The verdict? Overall, we liked the bakerdays cake. The only thing that I felt disappointed about was the missing bag in the packaging. I don’t know if it was really missing or if the instructions was probably referring to something else. But other than that, for a cake that can be personalised and then delivered, I think it’s great. The taste was good, the design was good and it did make a nice advanced surprise for Father’s day. I think it is a brilliant gift idea for all sorts of special occasions and a wonderful treat delivered at the door.

If you would like to try bakerdays cakes, you can use the discount code AMUMZLIFE15 to get 15% off your cake purchase. Discount code expires 31st of July 2018.

Disclosure: The product featured in this post was sent to me for free in exchange for a review. However, all opinions in this post are my own and unbiased. I do not earn anything for using the discount code provided. Please remember when visiting another site to check their own privacy policy to know how they handle data.


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13 Replies to “bakerdays Letterbox Cake”

  1. I have used bakerdays loads the past few years because I’m well, just to lazy to bake! That’s the honest truth! I find the cakes a bit bland BUT the personalisation on them is just ace and you can’t moan because they deliver quickly and kids love them x

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  2. This cake company sounds awesome! I wonder if they what their shipping limits are because I would definitely order a gluten-free one. Although, it not be wrapped completely is a little questionable. Do you know how long the shipping took? I just wonder how it stays fresh when being shipped.


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