Today, I am – Appreciative

Welcome to my ninth ‘Today, I am -‘ positivity post. If you are new to this series, check out the first post to know more about it. Or, you can read the previous one here.

“Being appreciative gives me the wealth of happiness and satisfaction.” – This Scribbler Mum

‘How is it possible that some people seem to have a perfect life? How can they be so lucky yet I am not? How can they have everything and I don’t?’

Do you get my drift with this?

This is just an example of what may go through my mind (or anybody’s mind) when I (or they) try to compare my (or their) life to someone else’s. Back in the olden times, I’m guessing this kind of thing happens when word about someone spreads by, well, word of mouth (literally). But nowadays, all the who’s who, where’s who and who has what is always available at our fingertips through the power of the internet.

It is not surprising that the ‘matter of wanting what you don’t have situation that leads to envy, frustration and annoyance (just to name a few)’ easily occurs. This kind of mindset can be a real downer and unhealthy.

Whenever I recognize that this is happening to myself, in order to get back into a positive mindset, I have learned to: pause, take deep breaths, look around me and be appreciative.

We often want what we can’t have as they say. But if we can’t have them or don’t have them (yet), then why waste all the precious energy getting frustrated about what’s not there? Why not pay attention to the good things that are actually there but are often left unnoticed? Why look at other people’s party when you have your own party going on (metaphorically speaking).

Today, I am appreciative.

I am appreciative of having a comfortable bed that I have to make every morning. Appreciative of having a house to clean, clothes to wash and proper food to cook and eat.

I am appreciative of my beautiful children occupying my time. That I get to see them grow right before my very eyes. That they want my cuddles. That they like to ask me questions and tell me stories. That they want my attention. That they love and need me.

I am appreciative of being busy and having a lot of things to do because it shows I am capable and I feel accomplished right after. I am appreciative of being tired at the end of each day because I have been productive and it feels good when I finally put my feet up for a bit of rest.

I am appreciative of the changing weather because it reminds me how nice the weather before was and we were able to enjoy it. I am appreciative of the sound of the wind because it reminds me that a lot of things exist even if I don’t see them.

There are so many things to be appreciative about that are often overlooked simply because we did not have to want them before or we’ve forgotten that we wanted them before. If we take a moment to stop examining other people’s lives and start appreciating our own, then we might actually realize that our life is not that bad at all… In fact, it might actually be better than we think.


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9 Replies to “Today, I am – Appreciative”

  1. Such an important skill to be developed and to help our children with = appreciation and gratitude. I keep a gratitude log and fill it out most days before I go to bed – it really helps me notice the good in life. Thanks for the beautifully written reminder. #thesatsesh xx

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  2. Agree. Comparing ourselves to others more often than not brings dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Honest appreciation of the positives in our lives is so rewarding. And good for our mental health. #GlobalBlogging

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  3. #thesatsesh yes to this! We do this as a family all the time. Last night we took little dude to AnE, a we were leaving he said ‘well I had a lovely time, did you enjoy yourself” – blessed 🙂 Stay in gratitude, its highly addictive

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