Today, I am – Organised

This is already my 10th ‘Today, I am -‘ post! Time flies so quickly. I love writing these posts because not only does it inspire me, I get to share some positivity too. However, I am currently (trying) to work on a new book so I will be taking a couple of weeks break from this series. So for now, enjoy this post or you can read the previous one here or jump back to the beginning here.

“To have some order in life, be organised.” – This Scribbler Mum

I miss the days when I was really young and nothing was too complicated. Everything seemed simple and easy. Everybody seemed to be more chilled and relaxed. At least that’s how I remember those days.

Nowadays, a lot of things have been created, invented, developed and improved… and yet, a lot of things have also become complicated, overwhelming and stressful.

Look at buying coffee for example. Back then there was just coffee. Now, there are so many different kinds of coffee to choose from in so many different flavours from so many different places. There’s nothing really complicated about that is there? No, not until if you have never been to a Starbucks or Costa before and you want a cup of coffee but when you get to the till the person is asking you multiple questions using foreign sounding words like venti or frappuccino. Now, this is not a big deal and is just a matter of ‘a little embarrassed’ kind of stress.

But what if you actually need something important and in order to get it, you have to go through so many things like tons of complex paperwork on top of supporting documents and interviews? Sounds like a pretty common scenario but common or not, in one way or another, this kind of thing can be very overwhelming and stressful. I mean, it’s not like buying coffee.

So, how do you deal?

Be organised.

And I am not just talking about dealing with paperwork. I’m talking about anything in life that seems complicated and overwhelming.

A lot of the time, when life throws you off balance, negative emotions like anger, sadness, discouragement are the first things to take over. I find it best to let those emotions out first, in a healthy way of course (but not dwell on them for too long). Without the negative emotions, it would be easier to get into the proper mindset for tackling a problem.

It’s like decluttering. When everything is all over the place and there are too many unnecessary mess, it’s hard to figure out how to start and see where things should go. But once the extra rubbish are gone, it is easier to see the kind of potential a messy room actually has once cleaned.

Take it one step at a time. Familiarise yourself with the task at hand. Determine which ones go together. Categorise and prioritise – which ones are the easiest and hardest to complete; which ones need to be addressed first and which ones can wait. Have the necessary things at hand so that they are readily there when needed.

Just like organising a room full of so many different items. After scanning the room, putting the items in different boxes to group similar things together makes it easier to determine which ones need to absolutely stay in the room and which ones don’t. It makes it easier to find things because everything is sorted.

When we have things organised, it is easier to get started with our work and having everything in the right order makes our work faster. Not only will we be able to accomplish our goals but we will also be able to get through our tasks with less stress and actually be able to give it our best.

Being organised helps us focus on what needs to be done and concentrate our energy towards achieving something positive because when we are organised, we get rid of any unnecessary clutter that gets in our way.


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13 Replies to “Today, I am – Organised”

  1. You’re so right! As things have gotten “easier” and there are more and more tools to help us, our lives have gotten more chaotic! Being organized is a necessity for being able to handle the craziness.

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  2. Life is definitely more complicated these days – more stuff, more choices, it can be overwhelming. I think the key to being organised is prioritising and breaking down each task into smaller steps that are easier to complete. I’m rubbish at getting myself organised! #thesatsesh

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  3. I am sooooo organized and my Mrs., she does things in her way. I like to think I am so organized to save time, because it does. It also helps manage the anxiety when you are ready. Great posts, this whole series! #globalblogging xoxo

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  4. I need to be honest and say that I burst out laughing when I read your heading 🙂 Purely because I have been silently begging myself to become organised within my home!! I feel like this post is written just for me 🙂 #globalblogging

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