Graduation, Parenthood, Perspectives

I say this all the time these days but time really does fly by so quickly! It’s already July!

“Anything and everything in life may look slightly different when looked at different perspectives.” – This Scribbler Mum

Graduation day! A momentous event that signifies successful completion of a course or study. In most graduation speeches it would be referred to as the end of one chapter and the start of a new one in the so called life’s journey. In any case, it is an important milestone that I think invokes bittersweet emotions.

Although my eldest is still very young, she actually did graduate not too long ago – from nursery school. I know, I know it’s nothing like graduating from a university but it is still very special.

Seeing the little kiddies in graduation robes and hearing them sing made me realize how much they have grown in just one year. It made me look back to the time when we first visited her school during open day and when I took her to her very first day at nursery. And then all of a sudden, I was watching her and her wee classmates behaving so well and performing in front of everybody singing ‘goodbye nursery.’

I am very proud of her and so happy that she has achieved another milestone… yet at the same time, I felt quite sad. It was for a mixture of reasons. I felt sad for her that she’s leaving the nursery, teachers and friends that she’s gotten so used to. I felt sad for me because it felt like she is now officially a kid (although no matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby). It felt like I was closing a chapter that I just don’t want to move on from just yet. I was worried about how sad she must feel…

How DOES she feel about it?

I was a child once too and have had graduation days. How did I feel about all these stuff that I am worrying about now for my own child?

I don’t have a full recollection about my preschool graduation but I do know that I was very excited about getting out of school for summer vacation. I liked school and my friends for sure, but I can recall that I also couldn’t wait to go home or for school to be over. I was not really that much worried about what I was leaving behind but rather, I was more excited for what’s about to come.

Having realized this, I observed my daughter and sure enough, after graduation she has been talking non-stop about – you guessed it, summer vacation! (Hopefully she will be as excited about going to big school but I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and cross that bridge when get there.)

Okay, so what’s my point?

All these mixed emotions and looking back to my own experience as a child and seeing how my own child deals with things, showed me how parenthood has changed me. How being a parent changes my perspective (not just about graduation) on so many different things. It is a great reminder to myself to try and see things from different angles. Obviously, as a parent or as an adult, I trust that my perspective on things now are much better than way back when. However, it is also good to visit my ‘young self’s’ (or another’s) perspective now and again. For when you see things from different vantage points, you might just be surprised at how much clearer things can be.


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6 Replies to “Graduation, Parenthood, Perspectives”

  1. In the UK we only really have graduation from uni but I think it is nice to acknowledge the importance of the different stages of school life. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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  2. Congratulations! This is quite an achievement and definitely calls for a celebration. The effort that you and your daughter put into the entire school year should not go unrecognised. Well done to both of you.

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  3. I agree it’s really good to recall how you felt as a child as it can be really helpful and also help us empathise with our children as long as we’re not projecting our feelings on them. I have mixed feelings about these ‘graduation’ ceremonies when at nursery – are they for the kids or parents? Sometimes they can feel so overwhelming for the children but the parents love the photo opportunity… it is lovely to do something to mark the ocassion though and I’m pleased your little one is excited about her summer holidays! Have fun xx #thesatsesh

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