Simple 5th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Hi everyone! I am still trying to work on a project that I want to concentrate on but thought I’d post this today.

“Birthdays may add to your age but how you learn, grow and thrive every year are what really count.” – This Scribbler Mum

My little girl recently celebrated her 5th birthday. Unlike her previous birthdays, this year now included inviting her friends from preschool. I have never done the whole kids’ birthday thing that involves a theme, party favours and inviting guests outside of family before so this was quite an experience for me too. Fortunately, my little girl only wanted to invite her best friends from school so it did not have to be a big birthday party. Here’s what I did:

Party Invitation


I made the party invitations myself. She wanted a rainbow themed cake so I created the invitation in rainbow theme as well on the computer, printed them out and cut them. I wrote the invitation in a way that explained what they could expect during the birthday party – which was basically a simple party that involved play time. This is what I wrote:

Let’s play on my 5th birthday!

What: __________’s birthday                                                                                                                   When: (date and time)                                                                                                                            Where: (our home address)                                                                                                                   How: Come over to my house for some play time and some cake!

Party Decorations and Favours


We got some rainbow themed party supplies from Home Bargains like paper plates, paper cups, paper straws, napkins, party bags and bunting. We also got a few selection of sweets and mini toys to put in the party bags. From Amazon, we got big unicorn (with rainbow coloured hair) foil balloons. We ordered one each for our daughter and her friends. We bought a helium canister from Smyths and used this to fill up the balloons with air the night before the party. They turned out beautifully and became additional decorations which made the party look really special plus, the kids really loved being able to take one home. I tied a filled party bag at the end of the balloon strings to serve as a weight for the balloon and at the same time, it made the party favours organized and ready to go for each child. Oh, of course, I also included a copy of my book The Unicorn in a Tutu as part of the party favours.

Party Play Time

I asked the birthday girl which toys she wanted to play with her friends and brought those out. She chose her wooden kitchen and all the toys and accessories that are found in it. I created a space for them where they could play and at the same time enjoy the party. I used the colourful play mats (which go well with the rainbow theme) that we have to define the play area and laid out the toys along with the kiddie chairs that we have.

Party Food and Cake

In small informal gatherings, I always prefer simple, finger foods laid out in buffet style because it’s easier for both the host and guests. We cooked and prepared all the food ourselves which wasn’t all that much really, just enough for a simple party. We had fried chicken (shout out to my hubby who makes the best fried chicken), sandwiches, spaghetti, selection of drinks and of course, the rainbow cake (pictured above). I made the birthday cake the day before. It’s a moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, covered with buttercream frosting to create the rainbow colours and a rainbow topping made of marshmallow fondant. It does not look perfect but I guess it’s pretty good since everyone loved it. 🙂

And that’s it! It was simple but she had so much fun and loved it!


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19 Replies to “Simple 5th Birthday Celebration Ideas”

  1. I have yet to throw a birthday party for my children. I think I keep putting it off because I don’t want to clean up later. They love unicorns right now too and I love how you gave the daughter the options to choose things for her birthday party.


  2. Great tips! Very impressed you made that cake – it looks and sounds delish! I must admit you seem very cool under pressure – I always have a slight coronary every time I have to organise one of my kid’s birthday parties…#itsok

    Liked by 1 person

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