Inspirations for Halloween

Now that it’s October, my little girl is already very excited about Halloween… Me, not so much yet. So, I thought I’d look back on our collection of Halloween videos on our YouTube channels K’s Mum and K’s Toys for inspiration. Oh, and if you would be so kind, we would love it if you subscribe to our channels and like and share our videos! 🙂

“Halloween teaches kids to always be prepared in case they are faced with a treat or a trick.” – This Scribbler Mum

Featuring the Peppa Pig classroom set and the small pumpkin that we carved, I created this stop-motion video for our K’s Toys channel that illustrates the Halloween rhyme that I wrote entitled Trick or Treat.

In this K’s Mum video, I showed K’s costume and some of the treats I had prepared for her for Halloween.

This K’s Toys video was a showcase of the dinosaur egg and Moshi Monters toys that we bought. But what I really like about this video was K wearing a pumpkin mask and saying “Boo! Pumpkin!”

This video on K’s Mum channel was a short family day out vlog plus some cool and creepy Halloween decorations that we saw on B and M.

Another stop-motion video that I created for our K’s Toys channel featuring the Bing House playset, Beauty and the Beast purses and collection of Zomlings, Star Monsters and Moshi Monsters. Again, this video illustrates a short story with the moral lesson to not play tricks on your friends. This is extra special because it features K’s voice!

In this video, K and I showed her Halloween costume and our decorations haul from Home Bargains, B and M, Lidl and Sainsbury’s last year.

And in this last video, K showcases the treats that she received for last year’s Halloween which were mostly toys and only some sweets.

I hope these videos help get you into the Halloween mood if you’re not already. I’m not sure yet if I will be posting a Halloween video for this year as I am a bit busier now, but it sure is a treat to be able to look back through these videos again and again.


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