My Christmas Novelty Book

Start a tradition! Read this book in your Christmas family gathering! 😊

“Decorating a tree with beautiful things makes it shine that it lights up the dark skies of winter. Similarly, embellishing ourselves with beautiful attitude will make us shine in any occasion.” – This Scribbler Mum

If you have read my post last week, then you would know that I love Christmas and the decorations and festivities that come with it. In fact, my favourite Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. I just don’t think it’s really Christmas without it.

But as much as I love Christmas trees, I realized, I actually have no clue why or how the tradition of putting it up started. Of course, I googled it to find out but it seems like there are a few different origins. From what I have read, it did not really have that kind of story (like the Nativity does) that I was expecting. And so, that’s when my imagination started to come up with its own story of why we put up Christmas trees today.

My mind came up with a lot of different stories and they were just random thoughts at first. But after a while, I finally decided to write a book about it. And thus, A Promise That Started Christmas Trees is born.

I consider this book for the age group teens and up simply because it has a light touch of romance to it. But the idea of the story really is how a Christmas tree brings people and families together – which to me, is what it does. Like when we put it up at home, it creates fond memories to look back to. Or when we put gifts under it, it is really about thinking of the people we care about.

The book is a short story (the kind that you can finish in just one sitting) with my original illustrations at the start of each chapter. The paperback format also has a couple of additional pages where the reader can write Christmas memories and wishes on the illustrated Christmas trees. It would be a good quick read if you only have a few minutes to spare to get you into that festive spirit. At the same time, it would also be a nice novelty gift or stocking filler.

A Promise That Started Christmas Trees is now available on Amazon worldwide. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s a little preview:

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40 Replies to “My Christmas Novelty Book”

  1. Congratulations! It is funny how we would never usually put a tree in our home yet at Christmas it is the perfect edition! It looks fabulous, well done and thanks for sharing with us! #ABloggingGoodTime

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  2. Hi ScribblerMum, putting up a Christmas tree indoors is a rather odd tradition if we stop and think about it, but you are right it does bring the family together. For me, Christmas is all about family and creating memories. Congratulations on publishing your book!

    Thank you for linking up with the #keepingitreal link up.


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