Spreading Christmas Cheer

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“Christmas is a magical time when the goodness in our hearts prevails.” – This Scribbler Mum

It’s four days until Christmas 2018! Are you doing anything different to celebrate the holiday season this year? For our family, everything is pretty much the same except for one thing. This year, I have finally decided to put my shyness aside and spread some Christmas cheer to our school friends and neighbours by sharing some of our home-baked goodies.

As a child, I grew up where our family would share and exchange food with our neighbours and it was wonderful. It really demonstrated that special Christmas feeling of everyone coming together. This is something I’ve always wanted to continue and show my kids but have never attempted until now.

So the other day, we decided to make our favourite brownies recipe to share to some of our friends. We used some cupcake liners and boxes from Home Bargains to nicely package the brownies and along with greeting cards, wished our friends a happy Christmas.

By doing this, we are actually not expecting anything in return. It is really just our simple way of showing appreciation to the people around us. But it is a wonderful surprise when they reciprocated. Not because of the kind of gift that they gave us in return – but because of the spirit of sharing and coming together that is the true meaning of Christmas.

Here’s the video of how we prepared for spreading some Christmas cheer. 😊

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12 Replies to “Spreading Christmas Cheer”

  1. This is what we are doing today, we are making gingerbread, Christmas cupcakes and maybe even some fudge to share with friends and neighbours. It’s a lovely idea. x
    Thanks for linking to the Christmas linky I’ve added you to the Pinterest board and tweeted your post x

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  2. I got a canning jar filled with cookie mix. I can’t wait to try it. I also got a canning jar with roasted nuts with a butter crumb mixture. I like getting gifts like this.

    I like your idea of putting bite-size brownies in the cup for a gift. I would like to try that for next Christmas. https://debsdecorativelife.com

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  3. It is so great to spread some Christmas Cheer and make others feel good without expectations of anything in return, it makes us feel so good, I love Brownies, YUM! #ABloggingGoodTime thanks for linking up

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