Today, I am – Refreshed

Welcome to my fourteenth positivity post. If you are new to this series, check out the first post to know more about it. Or, you can read the previous one here.

“Welcoming the new year with fireworks is like an encouragement to pick up a blank canvas and start painting our lives with brilliant sparkles.” – This Scribbler Mum

Happy new year everyone! Hope you enjoyed the holiday season. We had a lovely cozy celebration at home and after New Year’s day, it was time to take down the Christmas decorations.

I love the festive season because it just seems so happy everywhere so it is no surprise that every time I have to put the decorations away, I can’t help but feel a tiny bit sad that Christmas is once again over. However, as I am someone who likes to focus my energy on positive things, there is always a way to motivate and cheer myself up.

It’s the new year. It’s like the beginning of a new chapter in a novel where anything is possible. It’s like a new blank canvas waiting to be splashed with colours. That’s why a lot of people have new year’s resolutions. It may be just another day in our ongoing life but celebrating it is like a reset button. A fresh start. A time for new goals accompanied by a refreshed attitude. It reminds and encourages us to have a more positive outlook and determination…

And so, with the proper mindset to guide me, as I took on a somewhat depressing task, an exciting idea has suddenly taken over. Taking down the festive ornaments has become an opportunity to redecorate our home. Just like updating my wardrobe, redecorating always puts me in an excited mood. It’s like getting a new place without moving but with the anticipation of what it will look like. A change of scenery right in our own home to set a more positive atmosphere to start the new year and inspire creativity. It doesn’t have to cost anything either, just rearranging the furnishings can freshen up any room. A little bit of decluttering and organising can take away the chaos and bring serenity. Finally putting those well-kept and nearly forgotten decors to good use can bring coziness to look forward to everyday.

And like a domino effect, a simple change of perspective has refreshed my energy. Refreshed my ideas. Refreshed my vision. Refreshed my enthusiasm to carry on and continue projects I have started. And in general, refreshed my happy mood and positive attitude.

Today, I am – refreshed…

Speaking of being ‘refreshed’, like I mentioned before, this positivity series will be evolving. Instead of being just about ‘Today, I am -‘ posts, it will start to cover just about anything that relates to having a positive mindset and – positivity in general. I hope that when this happens, you will all still continue to join in on this new direction.


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5 Replies to “Today, I am – Refreshed”

  1. I love this idea- that the New Year is a great opportunity to start fresh rather than mourning the old year! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings, but top of the list is working on optimism and self care 😂 looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!

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