My Own Art

“Poems are like illustrations in rhyming words. Drawings are like verses in lines and curves.” – This Scribbler Mum

I am not a trained writer or illustrator but I enjoy writing and drawing. Writing to me usually just happens whenever inspiration strikes. Rhyming or not, it always brings me that feeling of great satisfaction whenever I am able to put into words whatever inspired me – which can be anything under the sun. Drawing on the other hand, though I enjoy it equally as the first one, doesn’t come as easily to me as writing. It takes a lot more focus and trial and error. I am learning as I go. But just like writing, perhaps because it takes a lot of effort to put my words into illustrations, it also brings me a great feeling of achievement whenever I am able to finish a drawing project that I set out to do.

Lately, writing and drawing have been a lot of things to me. Not only have they been my outlet for creativity, they have also been that place where I can find a different kind of accomplishment. A different kind of productivity. They are a great way to have alone time for my self-care or a fun way of spending time with my family. They are like a trove for ideas, motivation, positivity, happiness and possibilities because when I do them, it’s like a magical portal opens.

This year, I hope to be able to finish a lot of projects that are related to writing and drawing like self-publishing more books and other creations (just like my poems with illustrations). Instead of keeping my work hidden away and later on forgetting that they exist, it’s better to have them more visible to inspire and motivate me (and hopefully others too). They are, after all, my own art.


*You can now find my Four Seasons poems and illustrations at my Zazzle store!


*Check out my books and other products on my Products page!

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