Counting Self-publishing Lessons Learned

Announcement: My children’s book Count with Me at the Beach is now also available in paperback format on Amazon. 😊🏖️

“Counting even the simple things as blessings is a good reminder to be happy.” – This Scribbler Mum

Oh, right. I remember now why I have not published this in paperback format. I have to recreate everything in higher resolution!

This is what happens when you learn as you go along… you make mistakes… and learn from them.

Note to self number one: Before starting a picture book, know what size you want it to be in print first. Use this as a guide for the minimum resolution of your illustrations.

And it’s done! I can’t believe I managed to recreate everything in 300 dpi. Oh wait, I need more pages. That’s okay, I can convert some of my illustrations to colouring pages… if I can find any that actually shows decent lines once I convert them…

Note to self number two: Make sure to save the outline versions of your illustrations for possible bonus activity pages.

Not too bad. These bonus pages turned out well. Now it’s time to put everything in Word. Should be easy enough. Hold on, what are the margin sizes supposed to be? Let’s check the guidelines again… Oh okay that’s simple enough.

Hmm, this mirror margins are getting messed up. How do I fix it again? Grrr. Can’t remember where I read it from.

Note to self number three: Write down all the steps and other additional tips that you found in one place so you can create and format your paperback manuscript much faster and not have to google them all every single time.

Well, that’s how you learn… At least I won’t be making the same mistakes again for the next books but for now, I am so happy that Count with Me at the Beach is already available as a physical book. I can’t wait to show it to my little girl who loves counting.

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  1. And just when you think you have everything done, they change the rules again! Publishing companies are constantly merging, going out of business or changing sizes and formats. It is a constant struggle to keep up with it all.

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