The Unicorns in Me

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“Unicorns may be mythical creatures but in all of us exist at least one of the many qualities that this magical being represents.” – This Scribbler Mum

I may be a grown-up now who have kids that are still in that age where unicorns, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are ‘real’ but I’m not afraid to admit, I love unicorns. I like the idea of this majestic magical creature – powerful and strong. I like how it reminds me of hope and miracles, purity and childhood. It is like the image of perfection. Because of all these, a unicorn to me is all about positivity.

Other than the ‘serious’ reasons of why I like it, I think unicorns are just absolutely cute on pretty much anything. As I have been feeling artistic the past couple of weeks, I decided to practice my drawing skills by making my own version of unicorn illustrations that express some of the good vibes that unicorns give me. As I have shared them on my Instagram and Facebook page, I thought I’d also share them here.

The Unicorn in a Tutu


If you do not already know, this is of course based on my children’s book of the same title. This is a more updated drawing that I did by hand first before transforming it digitally unlike the original illustration in the book which I created digitally from the get-go. And of course, just like in my book, to me this unicorn is a reminder to ‘Spread some laughter and cheer.’

Fabulously Magical


Metaphorically speaking of course, this is definitely one of the feelings that a unicorn reminds me of. Whenever I feel super happy and confident like I can do just about anything for whatever reason – I just feel ‘fabulously magical.’

Fabulously Magical Unicorn T-shirt available here.

Always Believe in Yourself


Self-doubt happens pretty much to anyone at some point or another and this is one of my favourite expressions that I like to live by and encourage my own kids to do. Not to be conceited or anything to that effect but rather to have a bit of confidence when needed and have a bit of self-hope. I think ‘always believe in yourself’ is a very unicorn kind of advise.

Always Believe in Yourself T-shirt available here.

How about you? What are the unicorns in you?

If you like any of these illustrations, you can find them in products like t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and more that you can purchase from my Zazzle store.

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25 Replies to “The Unicorns in Me”

  1. I love unicorns, and have made loads for different people over the years. If I was going to be a unicorn, it would have to be goth one.

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  2. I love this post❣ and I love unicorns too. I love these illustrations they are amazing and I think I’m going to have get myself tote bag🤩💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Every birthday and Christmas my second daughter asks us for a unicorn, of course we buy her everything unicorn themed, books, tops, pj’s, lip balm, a pool float, stuffed toys, hand drawn artworks, lunch box, even a dress up for the dog, but it is never a REAL unicorn. She fills my heart with such sparkle and sunshine and I wish I could make her one very special wish come true, but what I can do is help keep her dreams alive, help her to keep finding joy in life and wish for the world to be a better place. We watched a Netflix film just yesterday actually called the Unicorn Store, you should watch it. Thanks for spreading joy to #Ablogginggoodtime

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