Long Haul Travel to the Philippines

“Think that getting there is just as exciting as the destination – that’s how you get through long haul flights.” – This Scribbler Mum

Travelling halfway round the world is not easy especially when you have small children to bring with you. But regardless, we choose to go to these holidays anyway because of many different reasons that make the trip all worth it – like family.

As you already know from the title of this post, this year, we decided to have our summer vacation in the Philippines. So how exactly do you get to the Philippines from the UK? The short answer is long haul flight. The long answer… well, it goes like this…

It takes roughly 24 hours or about a day to get there, one to three plane rides (depending on how direct your flight is) to cross the distance of roughly 7,000 miles and about two to four airports (again, depending on how direct your flight is) to get on each plane after the security checks and waiting.

It sounds very exhausting putting it that way and the fact is, it is an exhausting journey. But, as tiring and daunting it might seem, it can also be an interesting kind of adventure if you choose it to be.

Let’s start with the airports. Although the process of getting checked-in and going through immigration and security can be stressful at times, once all that are out of the way and you have some time in your hands before boarding, you would notice that airports are not all the same. Some are small while some are huge that you would need to take a train to get from one terminal to the next. Some have challenging facilities while some are amazing with restrooms that offer showers or lounge areas where you can lie down and nap in a garden-like area for free.

Similarly, airplanes have their differences. Some are small with no seats in the middle of the plane, no in-flight entertainment or free food. While some planes are massive with a second floor, have big touchscreen monitors and provide meals and snacks.

Flights are not of the same length. The short flights are quick as if you just took an extra, extra long elevator ride. The long flights are like cinemas in the sky with hours of movies to your heart’s content until it’s time to land.

Of course there can be a lot of challenges too like tight spaces, turbulence, an annoying passenger for a neighbor and so on. But what life experience is there that does not come with the good and bad, right? What’s important is to take every challenge as an opportunity to practice rising up to the occasion gracefully.

Anyway I digress, my point is, long haul flights are not easy but with the proper planning and mindset, getting to that dream destination is all worth it.

In the next few weeks, I will be uploading videos from our trip to the Philippines on my YouTube channel K’s Mum. So, please subscribe and if you enjoy the videos give them a like and share. In the meantime, here’s one of our long haul journey.

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10 Replies to “Long Haul Travel to the Philippines”

  1. Oh wow, the kids seemed to do so good. Singapore doesn’t play around with comfort, I like it! That little pond in the airport is beautiful and everyone has a personal tv! Nice touch. Great video making skills too! Going to make sure I’m following you on youtube.

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  2. What a journey! I agree though, it’s so much easier with the proper mindset. If you convince your children it’s an exciting adventure, they’ll enjoy it so much more. #globalblogging

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m scared of flying and have only ever done short flights, can’t imagin spending so much time on a plane! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

    Liked by 1 person

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