My Thoughts on Astoria Current

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In my last post, I shared that we went to the Philippines for a holiday. While we were there vacationing, we also went to our favourite beach destination called Boracay for a couple of days. So you could say that it was a vacation within a vacation. 😊

Anyway, for our Boracay trip, we stayed at a hotel called Astoria Current. This hotel is located on station 3 of the island which is very accessible to a lot of shops and restaurants. At the same time, it is also a beachfront hotel so you only need to go outside the hotel and the beautiful beach is there to greet you.

The hotel is quite modern and very vibrant which makes you feel that you really are on a vacation. It also has an open air design structure-wise so, unless you are inside your room, it also feels like you’re outside. The hotel is clean and the staff are very friendly and accomodating.

There are two swimming pools in the hotel: the one closer to the front desk has salt water and the other one right beside the restaurant has fresh water. Personally, I prefer the second one because it’s bigger and it has those jacuzzi type lounge areas. Although both have lounge chairs (minus the jacuzzi) where you can relax and lay down in the pool. Another thing that I like is that they provide towels for you when using the pools as well as trays to put your stuff in while swimming. In fact, you can even get a mat too to use at the beach. All you need to do is log your name and room number with the lifeguard and return them after use.

They also have a cafe where they served us the welcome refreshments and where you can get drinks or snacks. A restaurant where they serve eat-all-you-can breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our accommodation came with free breakfast buffet and I honestly looked forward to it every morning. I would probably talk about the dining experience more in another post or video.

The other amenities that are available in the hotel are gift shop, spa, gym and medical clinic. There are a good number of rest rooms and of course, they also have elevators. Oh, and they also provide free drying facilities for swimsuits.

As for the rooms, I can’t speak for every one of their rooms but I do like the one we stayed in which I did a tour of in the video below.

Overall, I like Astoria Current and wouldn’t mind staying there again. The only thing that I think could use some improvement on would be the floor inside the room. We found it to be quite slippery at times so you really need to be very careful especially if it gets a little wet. And if the size of the toiletries were bigger, it would be even better.

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