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“If you want to achieve something, then you gotta do something.” – This Scribbler Mum

It’s been quite busy lately – well, it’s always busy when you’re a parent with young children but what I mean is, it’s been busier lately… For me anyway.

When I started this blog, I had every intention of writing a meaningful post at least once a week. But so far this year, I’ve only posted sixteen posts before this one. So here’s what’s been happening:

We were preparing for a big trip which happened in July. If you guys want to know what we’ve been up to, you can watch our travel vlogs playlist here (which, by the way is not yet complete as I still have a few backlogs that I need to upload).

If you want to catch up and be updated, be sure to subscribe to my K’s Mum channel.

When we got back from vacation, we had to recover from the long haul travel then school started and then I started potty training my little one.

I want to get our YouTube channels up and running again so I have been editing and uploading videos (as I mentioned). I started rewriting a novel that I have been wanting to write at the same time but then, I got sidetracked because I suddenly wanted to create another children’s book in time for Halloween. I managed to finish it within two weeks (including illustrations and all) and is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. I learned something new too in the process which I talked about in my last blog post. If you’re looking for a book for Halloween or a unicorn book for your little ones, consider getting The Unicorn in a Tutu and the Stolen Pumpkin. 😊

I would go back to writing my novel soon hopefully but lately, I am in the mood to create more children’s books. In fact, I just finished adapting one of our K’s Toys short story videos into a book today. Fingers crossed that there will be no formatting issues while publishing it on Amazon (Update: It’s now available on Amazon).

The children’s book that I just finished, Animal Sounds A Short Story, would be my eighth self-published book. But in all honesty, marketing is the hard part. I’m not that confident advertising my book by approaching prospective customers directly that’s why I am thankful that it is possible to do it online – indirectly. However, even with Twitter, IG, FB and Pinterest postings, the marketing that I have been doing is not that successful. Perhaps because in those platforms, I am not able to show the personality of my work or the story and process behind making them. With this in mind, I have decided to create a third YouTube channel – This Scribbler Mum. Where I hope to reach more by telling the stories in the books and behind the books that I make.

For now, here’s the first video on my new channel. Hope you enjoy it. And if you could, I would love it if you subscribe, like and share too. 😊

Check out my books and other products on my Products page!


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