Give the Gift of Reading

It’s December! It’s that time of the year when everyone is in the spirit of giving. What kind of gifts are you giving out this year?

One of my favourite things to give as presents are books. I loved reading as a child and now that I have my own children, that love for reading is something that I want to share with them. As a kid, I was taken to so many different places and time by every story that I read. I loved how my imagination could travel in so many different scenarios while reading and even after finishing a book. Not only did I enjoy it, all the travelling by books that I did brought so much knowledge. It literally opened up my thinking and imagination to a world of solutions and great possibilities that I also want my kids to have.

Everybody knows how important reading is. It is a very simple yet valuable gift that lasts a lifetime. That’s why whenever I can, I give books as gifts. And now that I have created a few books of my own, it’s even more special to be able to give something that I was able to create myself because of my love for reading.

If you are looking for new children’s books to give as presents or as stockingfillers this Christmas, do consider my books. I will list them below with a brief description. I also have a few new book ideas that I am working on so please follow my Amazon author page as it is always updated with my latest works.

Learning books (0 to 6 years)Β 

πŸ“š Little Star and the Other Shapes

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Join Little Star on her quest to find other shapes in this simple story for young children. The colourful and basic images will grab their attention and encourage them to start learning different shapes and colours. The simple story line that repetitively presents the shapes and colours enhances familiarity. The repetitive words and sentences will also help them to start reading.

πŸ“š Little Star and the Other Shapes Visit Big Heart

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In this second shapes book, Little Star and the Other Shapes Visit Big Heart for more learning fun! Help the confused Big Heart in remembering the different shapes by describing them while learning about different colours and counting too!

πŸ“š Count with Me at the Beach

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With a modern rhyme that encourages young learners to count along to ten, have fun counting with your child different things that can be found at the beach. Presented in big, bright and beautiful illustrations, counting is an easy and enjoyable activity for the little ones!

πŸ“š Animal Sounds A Short Story

Front Only Cover
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Meet cousins Zoe and Penny and learn along as Zoe discovers different animal sounds during her visit to Penny’s home in the country.This colourful book is a fun way to introduce toddlers to common animal sounds through a short story. The repetitive words and sentences will help young children in preschool and older, in learning how to read. With the simple story line, it will be easy for parents and teachers to make reading together with young children be more interactive.

πŸ“š Finding Words from A to Z with Ally and Zac

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Join Ally and Zac as they complete their alphabet list with things that they can find in their house. It is a fun way to encourage children to make their own list and learn words that begin with letters from A to Z.With the letters presented in big, clear fonts and the illustrations in bright colours, babies, toddlers and young children will enjoy going through this book while learning new words and the letters of the alphabet.With the characters Ally and Zac prompting to find things in each room of the house that start with certain letters of the alphabet, ABC time is a fun interactive time.

Story books (0 to 6 years)

πŸ“š The Unicorn in a Tutu

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A wonderful short rhyming story about a friendly unicorn in a tutu, helping others and gaining friends. Presented in clear, colourful and bright images that will surely tickle the imagination. Join the Unicorn in a Tutu as she travels in the meadow to the top of a mountain, helping friendly creatures along the way… spreading hope and showing that good things do happen.

πŸ“š Spotty & Doodles Wander and Wonder

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Spotty is the house dog. Doodles is the house cat. Find out what they are up to as they spend their day wandering and wondering in this adorable short story.

πŸ“š The Unicorn in a Tutu and the Stolen Pumpkin

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It’s the eve of Halloween BUT – oh, no! Where’s the pumpkin at? Many are saying that it’s been taken by one with hocus pocus and the farmer is not pleased! Join the ever helpful Unicorn in a Tutu in this new colourful rhyming Halloween adventure as she sets out to find out what happened to the stolen pumpkin! This is the second book from a series of The Unicorn in a Tutu Adventures. This is a fun Halloween themed story time book that also highlights keywords that are related to Halloween.

Short story, novelty book (YA fiction)

πŸ“š A Promise That Started Christmas Trees

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It all began with a promise between two young best friends, separated by life circumstances, to stay connected with the help of a tree. This novelty short story is a fictional work that celebrates how family and friends are brought together by Christmas trees during the holiday season despite absence or distance. A unique and symbolic take on how a traditional festive decoration helps cherish special moments with loved ones and brings hope to what the future holds. A delightful quick read in one sitting with a touch of romance that will put you in that Christmas spirit.

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  1. As a former early years practitioner, I am passionate about children’s literature, that’s why I am giving several as Christmas presents this year #,globalblogging@_karendennis

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