Give the Gift of Positivity

As it is already the season of giving, I thought I’d post another one about giving gifts and hopefully give you more gift ideas.

Last year, I started a positivity series on this blog that I called ‘Today, I am…’. It’s about starting each day positively by focusing on one positive word to get through the day with less focus on the negatives. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to add any new posts to the series for a while now because I am trying to do so many things that I have a lot less time for blogging. This does not mean though that sharing some positivity is no longer part of any of my goals. Fact is, apart from creating children’s books and publishing them on Amazon, I have also decided to share some of my own designs on Zazzle.

My designs range from unicorns to travel photos to inspirational quotes and even funny or humorous ones. But regardless of what kind of design I decide to create, my goal is always to share some good vibes. And for my latest collection called Positivity Cups, I have decided to continue what I started on this blog in a slightly different way.

So why ‘Positivity Cups’? In one way or another, particularly in winter or when it’s cold (both literally and metaphorically speaking), having a hot cup of tea, coffee or chocolate is something we often do. In a lot of ways, not only does a hot drink gives us warmth, it also gives us comfort – like an invisible hug in a miserable weather. For this reason, there is no better time to close our eyes, even for just a few seconds, and think of one positive word or thought, like a mantra. Let it sink in our minds as our warm drink fills our belly, the steam clears our breath… and then some positivity revitalises our soul.

Sounds a bit dramatic but I do believe that a little bit of positive thinking goes a long way, even if it’s just a word or two.

So, if you’re looking for ideas on what to give this Christmas or other special occasions, why not give a gift of positivity? Here’s my Positivity Cups design collection for you to consider. 😊



For now, I have my Positivity Cups designs on t-shirts but I do have plans of putting them on other products too. Be sure to follow me on Zazzle to stay updated with what’s new on my store.

Check out my books and other products on my Products page!

** I would love to hear your thoughts. You can leave your comments below. You can do this anonymously or if you want me to know who you are and be able to visit your site too, you also have the option to provide additional details along with your comment.


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10 Replies to “Give the Gift of Positivity”

  1. This is such a lovely idea! I think it’s fantastic that you are putting your energies into spreading positivity and enhancing other peoples’s lives – we could all do with trying to be a bit more positive each day. Unfortunately there is always so much to be negative about. Your t-shirt collection is brilliant and I wish you the very best of luck with it!! Thank you for linking this up to #globalblogging x

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