My Fascination for Korean Noodles

I would not say that I am a big fanatic of K dramas or Korean dramas but I do enjoy watching them. I mean they can definitely be cheesy at times and even unrealistic but it works for me – and a lot of people that like romantic storylines. Apart from that, I really enjoy the scenes where they eat Korean food especially ramyun or ramen or noodles. I think it’s because their noodles just look so beautiful and appetising unlike the usual cup noodles available in the local shops. Or maybe I just naturally like noodles that when I saw how theirs look like in the K drama Boys Over Flowers, my noodles expectation and how I want to eat them, leveled up.

Lately, Netflix has been recommending K dramas like Romance Is A Bonus Book, Crash Landing On You and The King: Eternal Monarch and so, as you can imagine, my tummy has been requesting for some ramyun.

In this video, I show how I prepare and enjoy my noodles lately. 😊


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4 Replies to “My Fascination for Korean Noodles”

  1. The arrival of ramen instant noodles in my country complements the list of instant noodles that are typical of many regional dishes in my country, such as Soto Betawi, Mie Goreng Aceh, etc.


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