Smile, Even Just A Little

Welcome to another positivity post. Check out the first post or, you can read the previous one here.

It’s been said that smiling uses less facial muscles than frowning. Whether this is a fact or not, I cannot tell you. All I can tell you is that a smile, like a frown, is one of the many facial expressions that we can make. And personally, I find that when I smile, my face feels more relaxed than when I frown. It also makes me look more pleasant and have a better mood. I feel less stressed and more ready to face the day. When I see a person smiling, I gravitate towards that person more and I’m more willing to interact as opposed to someone who is wearing a grumpy face.

Regardless of how many muscles it takes to smile, it’s one small action that can normally be done easily. One small action that we already know how to do since we were babies. One small action that can bring about a subtle yet impactful positive change in yourself as well as in others.

So, why not give it a try? Smile, even just a little.

Here’s my simple illustration about smiling. 


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