Thai Green Curry

I’m not one for buying ready-made meals all the time but I have to admit whenever we stop over Iceland, I always get their ready-made meal Thai Green Curry… at least until they stopped selling it. I’m not sure if they don’t sell it anymore at all or just where we live. Either way, I miss it a lot because if I have to have a favourite curry, it would be Thai Green curry. It’s not overly spicy or too coconutty-sweet that makes you feel like you’re over it. To me, it has a good balance of all these flavours that makes it a very pleasant experience for the palate. As a bonus, you can even add vegetables to it too! Anyway, like I said, I miss it because I can’t buy it anymore. So, like what I do with any food that I’m missing, I go ahead and make it myself. Here’s a video of how it went when I made it for the first time. UPDATE: I also tried Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry 3 Steps which I find so much better than the one in a jar. Check it out in this video.  Check out my books and other products on my Products page! If you’re on Tiktok, why not follow me (@amumzlife) for little doses of positivity. ** I would love to hear your thoughts. You can leave your comments below. You can do this anonymously or if you want me to know who you are and be able to visit your site too, you also have the option to provide additional details along with your comment.
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4 Replies to “Thai Green Curry”

  1. You have just reminded me how long it has been since I have had a thai green curry myself. I don’t know why because I used to love it..I might actually give it a try this week. I’m not sure how my daughters will react because they can be a bit fussy when it comes to curry but I guess they need to start sometime! Thanks for sharing with us at #globalblogging

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