Double Free Book Promotion

**UPDATE: This free download promotion is now over but both books are still available on Kindle Unlimited until the 3rd of November 2020. Please feel free to read below to know more about these books and how your toddlers might enjoy them! 


It’s August and I thought it’s a great time to do a Free Book promotion for two of my books! For a limited time only, for the next two days (16th and 17th of August 2020 PDT), you can download for FREE my children’s books Animal Sounds A Short Story and Finding Words from A to Z with Ally and Zac on Amazon! Just click on the links to go to each book’s Amazon page.

Animal Sounds A Short Story was originally a story that I came up with for our K’s Toys YouTube channel to teach toddlers about animal sounds using toys. Check out the video here:

It is a very simple story line using a lot of repetitive words and phrases that children like to chant along with which is a great way to get them involved and hold their interest. It is a great addition to the different ways to teach children about the noises that common farm animals make (which you can easily change or add on to) as you progress along the story.

Finding Words from A to Z with Ally and Zac is a simple book that lists all the letters of the alphabet along with a corresponding word that is also presented in big and colourful illustrations. It works like a set of ABC flashcards with the added element of familiarising a young child to books and encouraging reading. For slightly older children, it also has an element of encouraging them to create an alphabet list with things that they can find in their house or surroundings. A good way to help develop their vocabulary in a fun and creative way.

Don’t miss out on this limited free promotion! Kindly share them to your family and friends who have and/or care for young kids that are getting ready for preschool. If you happen to download these books and like them, do let me know by leaving a review and/or posting on social media and tagging me: (@amumzlife) on Twitter and Facebook or (@thisscribblermum) on Instagram. 😊


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