My Shingles Experience

Hi everyone! Hope you all are keeping well. As the title of this blog post suggests, I had shingles. I know that it is not as big a controversy as the virus that’s currently going around and changing the way we live, but it is still important to stay alert about everything else that’s out there.

Another reason why I am sharing this story is because with the way things are right now, it is very easy to become complacent or even discouraged to talk to our doctors. Because perhaps it is harder now to get appointments or tedious or even the anxiety of going to the hospital due to ‘you know what’, we tend to brush off any potential health issues that we may have. Bottom line is, I’m sharing this to encourage us to try and keep on top of our health and get in touch with a medical doctor if there are any kind of health concerns, even with the current pandemic.

In case you have not heard of shingles, shingles is a reactivated chicken pox and is known as the herpes zoster infection. To find our more about my story, watch my video where I talk about it in more detail.

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4 Replies to “My Shingles Experience”

  1. I had shingles when I was 18 and it was truly awful. Really painful and just an all-around horrible experience. I have the greatest sympathy for you and anyone else going through it — going to a doctor quickly is a really good idea as I went and they thought I’d fight it off myself because I was so young. After a week of it getting worse they finally gave me the anti-viral medication that cleared it up — the lesson here is no matter your age or circumstances, advocate for yourself to get the treatment you need.

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