Celebrating Birthdays at Home During a Pandemic

Staying home is something that everybody’s been doing lately because of the pandemic. It can be very monotonous and boring so it’s really important to try and keep yourself entertained in any simple ways that you can.

This is why, even though we couldn’t celebrate as we did before, I still looked forward to special occasions and still put in the effort to bring a little bit of change and excitement to staying home.

In the last few months, we’ve had two birthday celebrations. We didn’t have any visitors obviously and I didn’t prepare a lot of food but, I did take both of these birthdays as opportunities. Opportunities to bake and decorate cakes and decorate our home.

I am not a professional baker but I have always been very interested in being able to bake cakes and goodies that I like to eat. I find baking and decorating cakes very therapeutic. It serves as an outlet for creativity too. The other thing that makes it a winner for a mum like me is that, my kids love getting involved when I bake. It not only gives us more bonding time but it’s an opportunity of learning for them too.

Here is my recently learnt cake to make – a Chocolate Mousse Cake.

And my latest birthday cake design – a Hello Kitty Themed Cake.

The other thing that I did to make our simple celebrations at home a little bit more special was putting up some decorations. One of the reasons why I love Christmas are the decorations. They not only look beautiful but they also give our home a different look and feel. It’s a change of scenery in your own home, basically. This is my thinking, that’s why even without guests, I made sure to decorate for birthdays.

Before, I would just go to the shop and grab any kind of decoration available. This time however, I decided to use party balloon decoration kits that I found on Amazon. I normally didn’t make balloon garlands but this time, I did. Again, it was a good outlet for creativity and the decorations brought a happier and more positive vibe as well as a bit of change in the look of our home. Plus, the balloons are always good at entertaining the kids even after the celebrations.

Here are the decorations that I did.

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