Publishing My Second Unicorn in a Tutu Book with Bleed

In publishing, with bleed means that there are elements or images in the book that extend to the very edge of the page (outside the margin).

All the books that I have created have all been done without bleed – until now.

For a long time, I always thought that formatting a picture book with bleed would be complicated that’s why I stayed away from doing it. But finally for my newest children’s book, The Unicorn in a Tutu and the Stolen Pumpkin, I’ve decided to ditch the margins and fill each page completely with colourful illustrations.

Following the instructions from Amazon KDP guidelines, here’s what I did using Word 2013 in putting my latest book together. (Note that I created all my illustrations and added the texts on to the illustrations in GIMP and then exported them as .jpg files first.)

1. Open a new document.

2. Set the page size to trim size with added 0.25 inches to the height and 0.125 inches to the width.

3. Set the header and footer to 0.

4. Set the margins to mirror pages and then follow the margin settings in the Amazon KDP guidelines which depend on the number of pages of your book. My book has 45 pages so everything (inside, outside, top and bottom) was set to 0.375 inches except for the gutter which I left at 0.

5. Once the settings were set, I simply added my illustrations on to each page using the Insert Pictures. I then clicked on the text wrapping then right-clicked on the image to set the size of the image so that it is exactly the same size as the page (for images that you want to occupy the entire page).

And once I had all my pages set up I exported the file as PDF as described in the Amazon KDP guidelines.

I don’t know why I thought it was going to be complicated before because after I did it, it was actually pretty simple.

If you are looking for a new book to read with your kids, please check out my latest book The Unicorn in a Tutu and the Stolen Pumpkin  (the second Unicorn in a Tutu adventure). Available now in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon worldwide.

You can watch the reading of my book here:


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